sabato 19 luglio 2014


Prana Biotechnology Limited (PRAN)

Bought at 2.73 , sold at 2.83

BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS)

Bought at 2.95 , sold at 3.18

Neogenomics Inc. (NEO)

Bought at 5.23 , sold at 5.43

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NBY)

Swing-trade : bought at 0.89 , Sold at 0.98

Uni-Pixel, Inc. (UNXL)

Swing-trade " Bought at Av 7.8 , sold 1/3 at 8.25

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (YOD)

 Bought at 2.65 . Sold at 2.75

Watch-list + Brief market technical analysis sent to members

(18/7) :

Yesterday The SPY and IWM and QQQ singled yet another bearish signal making  lower close than the open near the upper bollinger band , while the IWM is trending in clear downward channel , the spy and qqq is yet do that , and as the chart will shows breaking these trend-line will probably result to downward and pullback in the market to a certain supports .


If the spy breaks the upward trend-line , I'm expecting the spy to pullback test once again 195.41 (short-term)


 The 94.91 level should act as support so the QQQ can keep uptrending , I'm not the QQQ probably will pullback to test 93.62 as first target (short-term)


  the IWM is trending in a downward channel closing much lower than the open for the last 3 sessions however I'm expecting the 113.35 to hold as we could see some kind of bullish candlestick which can give us a buy signal ( hammer with a bottoming tail? ) .

The bio-tech index also trending in a downward trend-line and we need to keep an eye on the 242 level as it must act as support .


HTM (chart sent )

NBY (chart sent)

AMSC ( watch for continuation of yesterday upward movement)

BIOF  (chart-sent , could continue to test the  9.2 top ) ( swing initiated  on Wednesday but I was stopped out and missed HUGE moves on Friday)


NEWL ( for day-trading only)


I don't have good accumulated stocks nor new set-ups we need to watch for a buy signal from market first.

(19/7) :

SPDR S&P 500 (SPY)

The SPY Broke its small uptrend line yesterday ( small pennant) to pullback all the way to the   195.41 Level , which I'm expecting to act as support . 
We had there bearish candles after this sell-off as the market kept closing lower that the open in tight range which followed to significant sell off yesterday . however as far as we are trending above 195.38 , it has the potential to bounce and even to start up trending once again .

This is still an assumption as we need to wait for buy signal from the market ( close higher than open , hammer candle stick with bottoming tail , gap up and runaway pattern etc)
in the other hand breaking the 195.38 level would follow more pullback and even a sell off to 1897.

iShares Russell 2000 (IWM)


The IWM is trending in a downward channel as the chart shows above , yesterday it managed to broke its 50 sma which is bearish . however the price now on the lower line of the channel outside off the bollingerband which indicate a bounce should follow , a bug signal be would breaking the current downward channel and close above its 150 SMA * The red line.

PowerShares QQQ (QQQ)

The same thing here as the SPY , we have broken upward trend-line but as far as it holds the 93.86 , uptrend could resume. 

Watch-list :


The price filled the gap and managed to stay above its 150 sma as it acted as support . 
Yesterday the price broke a downward trend-line and closed above its 13 sma , I'm expecting the price to start an upward movement from here.



the price is trending in channel angled to the downside , breaking the upper trend-line would indicate for a possible break out as the price could re-test the 6 level. 


The price is respecting the 13 sma , I'm expecting the price to start up-trending from here . ( looks like a good swing trade with good risk/reward ratio).

Other stocks on our watch-list : 

ZAZA (chart sent the  two days ago - break out expected)

NEO (red/green pattern - levels will be given in the chat-room)



Calls on the chat room : 

aziz saba
Biof break of 8 would mean next test of  9

aziz saba
BIOF should pull back to 9 i'll will surprised if it will hold 9.4

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