Chris Zielinski
“I've been trading for over ten years and trade stocks for a living. As a teacher of the workings of the market myself I can attest to Aziz’s abilities as a trader and the value of his service. I’m in his chat room nearly every day and Aziz and I share ideas all day and make tons of money off each others ideas. The chat room is small and closely knit which means you can really get to know the other traders and learn from them. The UPstocks service adds a lot to my trading even as a professional trader myself.”

Eduard Jubany Tur

" I made 250$ today with your ANV call, I just sold and enjoyed the rest of the day. I couldn't be more happy and I can't wait to try to achieve similar results every day."
It was a good call, I hope I can keep up with similar results everyday, that would be perfect. What I like about your idea-service is the chat, is closer and more personal. Also the watch list, it's good to have something you can buy to keep overnight so when the bell opens you can just sell for a little bit of profit like today.

Ajay Rahatekar

"Excellent service. High quality realtime stock alerts.I have tried many other services. This one stands head and shoulders above the rest."

Rameez Jafri

Great service..Aziz or as i call him "professor" is super nice and humble. Extremely helpful and dedicated to his subscribers. Any question about any stock and chart he quickly looks it up and gives the his best opinion.

Stuart Gantman

I've been following Upstocks for about the last month and half.  His research and charts is outstanding . His days picks have about a 85-90% success rate and his list of stocks ( accumulating) is awesome. They usually go up in 1-2 days for short term profits. I strongly recommend you follow him and check him out.

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