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ZaZa Energy Corporation (ZAZA)

Swing-trade : Bought at 0.86 , Sold at 0.98

ZaZa Energy Corporation (ZAZA) ( set-up sent to members) 

the chart shows two trend-lines , in case it breaks the upper trend-line I'm expecting the price to spike higher with 1.14 as a first target.

ZaZa Energy Corporation (ZAZA) ( set-up sent to members) 

the same set-up from yesterday , Watch if the lower trend-line will hold the price and a break of the higher trend-line could lead to a speak of the price and test of the 1.14 level as a first target

Also called once again today on the chat-room :

aziz saba
watch ZAZA also


 8 hours ago view »

aziz saba
ZAZA has the "look"


 8 hours ago view »

aziz saba
ZAZA 0.91


 8 hours ago view »

aziz saba
WATCH EXTR  , BLDP and zaza and others from our watch-list


 8 hours ago view »

aziz saba
Watching EXTR , ZAZA (holding) , BLDP .  on the open  


 8 hours ago view »

Ballard Power Systems Inc. (BLDP)

Day-trade : Bought at 3.97 , Sold at 4.11

YOU On Demand Holdings, Inc. (YOD)

Swing trade : bought at 2.65 , rest of the position closed at 2.79

American Apparel, Inc. (APP)

Swing trade : bought at 1.10 . sold 1/3 at 1.16

Watch-list + Brief market technical analysis sent to members

SPDR S&P 500 (SPY)

After having significant sell-off on Wednesday  the SPY managed to make a nice bounce on Friday as it's still respecting its upward trend-line as the chart shows above. 
from here I'll be expecting the SPY to keep its long-term upward momentum  and probably to test the upward trend line ( look at the chart above) , however I would expect a re-test of the 13 SMA (197.13) during the session on Monday. 

PowerShares QQQ (QQQ)


The QQQ is still respecting its upward trend-line as it managed to bounce on Friday and to close above its 13 SMA which is bullish , I would be expecting the QQQ to keep its upward momentum and from long-term view I would be expecting a test of the 2000 highs as it was mentioned as soon it broke the 91.34 pivot.


The IWM managed to bounce off the lower line of the downward channel as it was expected , Here the IWM is still trending in a downward channel and IF it will be broken I'm expecting the IWM to test the 115.70. 


The IBB index managed to hold the 242 level I that I talked about in the last two newsletters , and I would expect from here to test the 254.69 level.

UPstocks watch-list and set-ups : 

Inuvo, Inc. (INUV)

  The price broke a long downward trend-line as the chart shows above as the last two candle shows a long bottoming tails as it could indicate of potential buyers coming in these levels (0.85-0.9) , I'm expeting the price to test the 1 level as a first target. 

Quantum Corporation (QTM)

My scanners noticed accumulation of the stock during Friday's session , Watch for a break of the upward trend-line as the price could spike to test the  1.44 as a first target.

xG Technology, Inc. (XGTI)

The price managed to close above its 2.2 which is bullish , From here I would expected an  acceleration in the upward momentum . first target 2.42.

Zhone Technologies Inc. (ZHNE)


Watch for a break of the 3.6 level as the price could back test 3.85 as a first target ( for a quick day-trade)

Saratoga Resources Inc. (SARA)

the price made made a bullish "dragon fly" candle-stick , watch for a break of the downward red trend-line as the price could test 1.84 as a first target.


 watch for a break of the green trend-line as in case it breaks it could lead to an upward  momentum with a 4.82 as a first target. 


So far there is nothing bullish in this chart , however we will put it our watch-list as 11.50 could provide support for the stock and from there the price could make a reversal. 

Other stocks on our watch-list :

ZAZA ( chart sent and position initiated , on Friday the stock was featured on the Street which could provide more volume to the stock and maybe increase the probablity of the expected break out )

UNXL : ( chart sent . The price is still trapped between the two trend-lines)

YOD : price target 2.95.



  PLease study carefully the set-ups and if you have 
any other stocks you would like to add to our watch-list , you can send me so I can check it out 

Calls on the chat-room :

aziz do you like this pull back on PLUG? what price would you get in?

aziz saba
let me check

aziz saba
no under 5.4 it broke the 100 sma

aziz saba
on the daily
look for

aziz saba
going back above it

aziz saba

plug could be reversing here

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