sabato 28 giugno 2014

                                                      UPSTOCKS TRADING 

Trades (Real time alerts)

NQ Mobile Inc. (NQ) : 

Bought at 5.8 , Sold at 6.15

LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. (LITB)

Bought at 5.97 , Sold at 6.12

Idera Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (IDRA)

Bought at 3 , Sold at 3.28 (swing trade)

LiveDeal, Inc. (LIVE)

Bought at 4.2 , Sold 1/3 at 4.45  (swing trade)

All these trades were sent to subscriber's email and called in the chat room.

Watch-list for 6/30/2014

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPHM)

the price is trending sideways since April as the 1.68 was acting as support and the 1.89 as a resistance.

The price on Friday's session managed to close at the 1.92 level above the 100 sma, watch if the price manages to hold the  1.87 as if that happens the price could start an upward movement. (holding)

Onconova Therapeutics, Inc. (ONTX)

the price managed to close above the 50 SMA at 5.35 as the 13 SMA above to cross the 50 SMA I'm expecting the price to drift higher for the 100 SMA test at 6.83.

CEL-SCI Corporation (CVM)

the price is respecting the 13 sma trending above the 150 sma , the price managed to close above the 1.26 resistance.
 watch if the price can hold that level as the price could test 1.51 as next target.

Trevena, Inc. (TRVN)

SWING IDEA : The price managed to break a downward trend-line back in may , during Friday's session the price managed to close above the 50 SMA on unusual volume  , from here the I'm expecting the stock to start an upward movement as far as it keep trending above the 50 SMA.

Discovery Laboratories Inc. (DSCO)

the stock traded during Friday's session in higher than usual volume as it formed bullish candlestick pattern , If the price manage to hold the 1.76 level , the price could start an upward movement. 

Eleven Biotherapeutics, Inc. (EBIO)

SWING IDEA : the stock managed to break the downward trend-line as it started to respect the 13 SMA and to close above the 50 SMA, from here I expect the price to start an upward movement. 

  Zogenix, Inc. (ZGNX)

my scanners noticed accumulation of the stock during the last week as the price is respecting the 13 SMA , watch for break of the 50 SMA as the price could expect 3$. (holding)

Conatus Pharmaceuticals Inc. (CNAT)

the price is trending above the 150 SMA which acting as support as the price formed an descending  triangle and in case the price breaks the upward trend-line it can move higher.

Other stocks on our watch-list :

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SUBSCRIBE FOR  REAL TIME ALERTS + CHAT ROOM   -  $1.00 USD for the first 7 days then $15.00 USD for each month

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