sabato 7 giugno 2014

Recap some of this week trades with explanations (part 1 )

China Finance Online Co., Ltd. (JRJC) (Buy alert to the email for a swing)

the stock was in a downward movement which started on 21/2 and possibly ended on 22/5.
watch carefully how the downward trend line was respected  all along that period (expect a on day which at EOD the price closed under it ) , on 22/5 the price a made spinning top which POSSIBLY could indicate of trend change ( a good trade is when we wait for a conformation/trigger , PROOF of our hypothesis )
Next day the price made a green marubuzio candle on higher volume than the usual BREAKING the downward trend line , from that point the price started to uptrend respecting the 13 sma and new upward trend line, we initiated position on 6/2 at 3.33 at sold at 3.85, however this uptrend could be short lived as the stock is still trending under the 200 , 150 sma which will be act as resistance .

Amicus Therapeutics, Inc. (FOLD) (for our watch-list)

after a gap fill the price manged close above the 13 , 150 SMA which is bullish. the stock could start a new uptrend. (HOLDING) (call in the chat-room and email)

On 2/6 I sent the chart calming that the stock could start an uptrend and the stock was mentioned in the chat room for a swing trade. 

I Bought the stock when my scanners noticed accumulation of the stock which was a speculative play.
However now ( and when was sent and called on the chat room) the stock could be starting a new uptrend.
On 29/5 the price manged to break the 150 SMA on high volume after three days of consolidation bouncing of the 13 SMA . after that we started to see that the 150 SMA is acting as an accumulation point providing support to the stock , that's basically what make call for long play .

Now the price may start up-trending to fill the gap ( 5 PT ) as if we connect the previous pivot point on which the stock found resistance we notice that stock managed to break that level and more importantly the price manged to bounce from that level.  ( I closed 1/2 of the position at 2.85 from 2.22)

Saratoga Resources Inc. (SARA)

my scanners noticed accumulation of the stock on last Friday and yesterday , the price could be making a base near the 1.2 level. (Watch alert in the chat-room , buy alert to the email and chart room for a day trade) 

Passed a week since my scanners noticed accumulation of the stock , the company  released positive news , so we initiated a positions at the start of the session at 1.31 as we were expecting higher prices, with a 1.25 stop loss.  we weren't certain of this outcome however we had  a favorable risk/reward as the chart shows resistance at 2.63 as soon as the price broke the 1.5 level. ( we closed our position 1/3 at 1.5 , remaining at 2.43)

India Globalization Capital, Inc. (IGC)

the stock manged to bounce from its 13 sma, it could be forming triangle and in case it breaks  1.58 with volume , the stock could spike higher.  (on 6/3 form our watch list)

5/6 alert in the chat room and  email

IGC held well after all , looking good for a swing as it is respecting the 13 SMA ( No position )‏

after gaping higher the price pulled back to test the 13 sma which was respected which gave an early indication of possible higher price are yet to come, I noticed a formation of triangle as the price broke the upper line of the triangle which also give a single of higher price are yet to come. I initiated a position at 1.49 and sold   2/3 at 1.56 , unfortunately my position was stopped at  1.47 and i missed the rally , however I gave an alert on 5/6 in the chat room and  to the email as i mentioned above.

All these trades were sent to subscriber's email and called in the chat room.

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