mercoledì 25 giugno 2014


the price is respecting an upward trend-line as the price is above the 13 sma which is bullish . 
The price is forming an ascending triangle as in case it break 8.10 I would expect the price would test 9.4 level.


I'm expecting the price to start an uptrend from here to test the 26 level as a mid-term target (swing trade-idea)


Today the price broke the green - trend line that I showed before , if the price holds the  1.66 pivot I would expect a continuation of an upward movement. ( I'm left with a small position , I could add in the way up).


as far as the price holds the 2.66 pivot I would expect the price to keep up trending .  (holding)

Accumulated stocks :


the price made a an triangle pattern and today it managed to break the upper line , watch for break of the 50 SMA as it can back test the 1$ level. ( my scanner noticed accumulation of the stock)


 my scanner noticed accumulation of the stock as it closed above the 13 SMA , I would expected the price to test the 1.2 level and in case it breaks it to the 1.4 level.


I will be watching if the price would managed to bounce of the 13 SMA. 


swing idea :  the 13 SMA is about to cross the 50 SMA as I'm expecting for a first PT a test of the 7.57 and as a second 8.57. ( my order wasn't fill the other day , I may initiate position tomorrow )


the price managed to bounce of the 2.8 level I mentioned yesterday , I'm expecting a test of the 3.45 and maybe a break out???

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