domenica 19 gennaio 2014

as always i'll start reviewing  some of the stocks that i mentioned.

Bone:  the stock preformed like i predicted and was up 16.92% on Friday . I like that insiders bought the stock on 15.1.2014 ( check at

Baxs : it still preforming well up, 3.94% on Friday.

before I'll write about the new stock i'll be watching for Monday i would like to refer about new sections in the blog.
     1) PERFORMANCE : i'll write about the performance of the stocks i mention and my entrance and if it's still open or closed.
     2) UPSTOCKS : I will explain what kind of stocks i search for.

UPSTOCKS (19.1.2014) :

PULS: the last two weeks the stock has been accumulated. the price is above the 13 SMA and PSAR is under the price. probably the next week I'll initiate a position.

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